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The Christian Wheel Of Wellness will help you research as much as possible.  Each area of the wheel is important, click on the wheel above as we explore each section together.

Research is extremely important in fighting cancer.  As a physician, I understand the significance of the miraculous healings claimed in the Bible.  Jesus is described as touching a leper and his leprosy is healed. 

He commands the crippled from birth to stand up and walk, and he stands up and walks. He commands a friend who has been dead for four days to walk out of his grave, and he does.  On the surface this seems more than a little interesting but yet, as a physician and scientist looking into the depths of what actually is happening at the molecular level, it is quite astounding.

For a blind man to see, the optic nerve must be restored.  The optic nerve is very complex and the transmission of disease or defective neural tissue to normal - instantaneously - without anesthesia seems beyond comprehension. Likewise a body that's been dead for 4 or 5 days is well beyond any kind of functional capacity.  All of the cells are destroyed, organic compounds denature, and bacteria grow over the putrefying body.  To return back to a normal, healthy state requires the conversion of abnormal tissue to normal tissue instantaneously.  As a scientist the amount of energy required to do this transformation is unimaginable and the intricacy and complexity of the mind that controls that energy is beyond comprehension.

It doesn’t have to be the Bible or science; it is the Bible and science.  God is a God of science, and quality research verifies the work of God on the earth, and specifically, in the fight against cancer.

The Christian Wheel of Wellness