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Why we Support LifeGuard

PHIL AND GEORGIA CALHOUN:  Phil and I have been involved in LifeGuard since we first heard Dean and Jeanne speak about it at a Sunday morning service.  For me, it was as if God zapped my heart and spirit and told me, " You need to become a part of this ministry!"  I passed Phil a note after they spoke telling him that I wanted to get on board.  By the end of the service, we both were signing up to participate.  The fact that our four-year-old daughter died of Leukemia probably had something to do with our desire to participate, but that was 23 years ago.  I just think God knew we had something to give to this ministry so here we are!  Phil is helping to provide LifeGuard with a sophisticated interactive website, as well as a platform for each church to participate in LifeGuard. His platform will support a cookbook which I am involved in producing.  We are both hoping that through LifeGuard our efforts will in some way provide help and comfort to those families who are fighting cancer.  We hope to see this horrible disease eradicated in our lifetime.

Phil and Georgia Calhoun

PASTOR CLAY AND CHERI FORD:  LifeGuard offers people HOPE! It tells people fighting cancer and their loved-ones that there are Christians who are fighting with them in prayer and encouragement toward their complete healing, and that there is a loving and infinitely powerful God who is on their side! LifeGuard combines loving Christ-centered compassion, medical expertise, health advice, and faith-filled prayer in a multifaceted war against cancer. We thank God for the Fosters!

Pastor Clay and Cheri Ford

OLEN AND LORIE ELLIS: We are LifeGuard volunteers because we believe the work that Dean and Jeanne are doing is very important in both treating cancer and comforting cancer patients. Both of my (Olen) parents died of cancer (my mom was only 68) so we both feel that the work LifeGuard is doing is so important on a physical as well as spiritual level. I am honored that Jeanne and Dr. Dean Foster consider my guitar music helpful in combating this disease which claimed my parents' lives.  I do know that my parents are in heaven now, so someday we'll all be re-united;  in the meantime, I hope the Fosters' work will continue and that this disease might be eradicated.

Olen and Lorie Ellis

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Do you love people? Do you desire to help people Fight Cancer? Do you want to Save Lives?

If you said yes to all the above then you would probably be a great addition to our team.

Our goal is to help people Fight Cancer, with Care Prayer and Research. We love Jesus and we love people.

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Below are some testimonies from a few of our volunteers describing why they help us save lives. We are thankful to the Lord for each of them. Be encouraged as you hear their story of why they support LifeGuard Ministries.

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Gino and Hannah Ford-Dalessandro

“We are happy to partner with LifeGuard Ministry. Cancer has devastated the lives of several we know, but we have seen God restore life to many who have suffered with it. Please join us to bring hope and healing to those in need.”